Strijdom van der Merwe


May 14 2023 - Nov 10 2023

It's time for Healing. Now. Even if it hurts. At Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox we try to draw the bigger picture. Healing relates to humans, our planet and the universe. The basic question is: Do we fail comfortably, brought to the knees by complexity or should everything remain as it is, just a little more digital and a little more efficient? Ultimately, it's about creating social relevance.

Healing as a fragile reality where reconciliation becomes essential. What is your contribution? Exhibition from 14. May to 10. November 2023

Powered by:
- Antonello Ghezzi, IT
- Wim Botha, ZA
- Calman, DE (Artist in Residence)
- Valérie Favre, CH/DE
- Vincent Kohler, CH
- Kenneth Otelu, UG
- Hans Thomann, CH
- Lena Maria ThĂŒring, CH