Here is a selection on video clips on some of our activities.

Dream with open eyes

Apr 27 – Oct 20 2024

«Dream with open eyes» is this year’s topic at Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox. To stop dreaming is to stop living. Dreams need no statics, no laws, no borders. That’s precisely how we will stage our space inside and outside. Let‘s share the dreams of a world as it could be.

powered by:
– Gianin Conrad/CH
– Famakan Magassa/ML, Artist in Residence 2024
– Julie Monot/CH
– Deborah Poynton/ZA
– Olga Titus/CH
– Gianluca Trifilò/CH

Witches & Bitches

Nov 23 2023 – Mar 24 2024

Highlighting women then and now. Women are too strong (sic!) for men … once witches, now bitches, from sorcery to cunning.

Highlighting women then and now. Women are too strong (sic!) for men … once witches, now bitches, from sorcery to cunning. Dive into the world of «Witches & Bitches», the new exhibition of Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox showing works of our collection and two friends: Catherine Gfeller and Myrtha Steiner.

Powered by:

Selina Baumann, Basel/CH

Sohpie Bouvier Ausländer, Lausanne/CH + London/GB

Valérie Favre, Berlin/DE + Neuchâtel/CH

Catherine Gfeller, Paris/FR + Neuchâtel/CH

Magdalena Jetelová, Munich/DE + Bergheim/DE

Shiva Koshravi,Teheran/IR + Geneva/CH

Mahroo Movahedi, Isfahan/IR + Bern/CH

Anja Molendijk, Fürth/DE

Sonja Sekula, New York/US + Zurich/CH

Julia Sossinka, Berlin/DE

Myrtha Steiner, Zurich/CH

Sandra Tomboloni, Florence/IT

Dana Wyse, Vancouver/CA


At Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox we’re restoring the Innocence to art.

Video footage of a performance  by Antonello Ghezzi and Calman. on saturday 12 August 2023. 


Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox is a place to reflect about issues for a better tomorrow. Here we dream with open eyes in the uplifting spirit of humble craziness. WhiteSpaceBlackBox is an independent Art Place restoring the innocence to art


May 14  – Nov 10, 2023

It‘s time for Healing. Even if it hurts.

Exhibition (overview)


Valérie Favre

Wim Botha

Vincent Kohler & Hans Thomann & Antonello/Ghezzi

Kenneth Otelu & Wim Botha

Powered by :
Antonello Ghezzi, IT
Wim Botha, ZA
Calman, DE (Artist in Residence)
Valérie Favre, CH/DE
Vincent Kohler, CH
Kenneth Otelu, UG
Hans Thomann, CH
Lena Maria Thüring, CH


January 15 – March 26, 2023

Exhibition of the Collection & Friends.

Bestialia (overview)

Powered by :
Tanja Boukal, Vienna/A
Tom Fellner, Zurich/CH
Christian Gonzenbach, Geneva/CH
Haroon Gunn-Salie, Cape Town/ZA
Stephan Hörnig, Cologne/DE
Dimitri Horta, Zurich/CH
Nandipha Mntambo, Johannesburg/ZA
Mostaff Muchawaya, Harare/ZW
Léopold Rabus, Neuchâtel/CH 

Beyond Gravity

June 25 to November 28, 2022

Powered by three female artists.

Sophie Bouvier Ausländer

Selina Baumann

Julia Sossinka

Powered by :

Selina Baumann (Basel/CH)
Sophie Bouvier Ausländer (Lausanne/CH, London/UK)
Julia Sossinka (Berlin/DE)


March 28 to September 14, 2021

Shaping horizons on fear, exploitation and oppression

Eden (Overview)

Powered by :

Adam Broomberg / Oliver Chanarin (GB)

Martin Disler (CH)

Haroon Gunn-Salie (ZA)

Hans Krüsi (CH)

Léopold Rabus (CH)

Gianluca Trifilò (CH)

Costas Varotsos (GR)

A selection of Italian old master drawings (Collection Attilio & Ursula Gadola/CH)





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