Valérie Favre

Valérie Favre


Valérie Favre,1959 born in Evilard, Switzerland
lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Since 2006 Professor of Painting at Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany, where she succeeded the chair of Georg Baselitz painting class.

Valérie Favres paintings open up fresh narratives and conceptual perspectives, moving between figuration and abstraction. Her works are dominated by a fictional world made up of contrasts, contradictions, resistance and restlessness.

Valérie Favre paints scenes developed over the course of several years in large series and work cycles. She works in an openly experimental manner, using a repertory informed by art history. Her demands of the medium are extensive; she is always engaged in a radical interrogation both painting and artistic work processes.

Fotografin : Marie Cauchy, Atelier Berlin 2021

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