Imagine a place. In a unique setting. On a lakeshore. In the heart of Switzerland. A spectacular view. And a stunning piece of architecture. A white sheet of paper, ready for your inspirations. A place to work on the black box of today’s unanswered questions for a better tomorrow. It may be beyond your imagination, but it is real. It’s called WhiteSpaceBlackBox. It is a nodal point to think and change. It is a place to work. A ThinkLab. A top-level hideaway. A strategic retreat. It is also a place to create. A residency for internationally renowned artists. And it is a platform for exchanging out-of-the box thinking at unique table-d’hôte events.

the history

WhiteSpaceBlackBox is a pulsating place on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel: a platform for contemporary art on the one hand, and a ThinkLab dedicated to the unresolved questions of our time on the other. The institution WhiteSpaceBlackBox was founded in 2014 by Hans Rudolf Jost.

Artist in Residence 2019 Strijdom van der Merwe


In spring 2022, WhiteSpaceBlackBox was transformed into «Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox». The Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox is a charitable foundation, whose main goal is to create a dialogue between people, art, culture, politics, economy and science across borders. It will secure the future of WhiteSpaceBlackBox in a sustainable way.

«Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox» is a Swiss registered non-profit foundation under federal surveillance.


We are not a gallery, nor a museum. Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox is a place to reflect about issues for a better tomorrow. Here we dream with open eyes in the uplifting spirit of humble craziness. For us, this means: There is Art. And there is the Art Market. WhiteSpaceBlackBox focuses on Art. No Firle. No Fanz. Or speaking in the words of Bazon Brock: The market is the huge destruction of art. WhiteSpaceBlackBox is an independent Art Place restoring the innocence to art.