Hans Thomann

Hans Thomann


The human being plays an important role in the oeuvre of Hans Thomann, often in connection with religious and philosophical themes. Thoman's work finds its way, much can be seen in public spaces throughout Switzerland, but also in churches and important institutions of society.
This man here, lying totally relaxed in the meadow, is almost reminiscent of a landscape, as we perceive it in several layers looking over the lake. Grown together with his surroundings, he is, however, the opposite of Vincent Kohler's human being, almost tomographically dissected, as we know it from medicine, and transparent through and through.

Hans Thomas: Sculptor, painter and grafic artist, b. 1957 in Uzwil, 1978 School of Applied Arts St. Gallen, 1981 Master class with Mario Merz in Salzburg, lives and works in Switzerland, St. Gallen

Hans Thomann's interest is in people. He analyzes and questions the currently prevailing image of man on the basis of dolls, dummies, prefabricated figures, pictograms, etc. All are contemporary witnesses that reflect the zeitgeist. Thomann's works amuse, unsettle, fascinate and inspire.

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