Vincent Kohler

Vincent Kohler


Vincent Kohler plays the drums. Music, sound and words are often the inspiration for his oeuvre. Many works are reminiscent of Pop Art strategies through their appropriation of everyday objects. But through changes in size and winking gestures, Kohler develops his own artistic expression.

"Floating Man" is a man in a floating position, in the color of Yves Klein, but which resulted quasi unintentionally. While Yves Klein directed his attention to the monochrome which, to him, was the only form of painting that allowed to 'make visible the absolute'. He used blue as the vehicle for his quest to capture immateriality and the infinite, allowing us see with our souls, to read with our imaginations.

As a musician, the work "Floating Man" also has a connection with music, the percussion, his instrument, in that man stands on cymbal feets as a pedestal. Light but stable. He lies on his stomach, in meditative form, not on his back, where he would be asleep and provocative. It is the artist himself who has taken shape here. Real and yet seemingly unreal, urban and yet in its entire biology spread out before us in a simultaneity of rapture and suffering.

Vincent Kohler
b. 1977
2019 Master, ENSBA, Lyon, France
2001 Diplôme d’Art Visuel, ECAL, Lausanne, Suisse
His work develops mainly in the field of sculpture, painting and publishing. His sculptures play on different registers such as the illusion, the detour, the transformation or the enlargement of domestic, everyday, popular or fantasized objects.


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