A privileged place deserves unique architecture. Here is a recap of the architectural heritage from 1961 till nowadays :

Early phase: A weekend pavillion of a patron horloger

Built in 1961 by the patron of Ebel Watches, Charles E. Blum and his wife, it was first of all a summer-retreat for the family and an appealing place for lavish summer gatherings. Architects were the reknowned Tell Jacot & Roland Studer in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The initial plans were purely Bauhaus style, but then only were realized on a slightly scaled-down version.

1993: A family villa

The villa was acquired in 1993 by the Jost Family and it was until 2012the late Verena Jostā€™shome, than the villa was secured by Hans Rudolf Jost.

2014: A power place

The first transformation phase into WhiteSpaceBlackBox was completed in 2014. The existing structure was left, but cleaned and modernized. A box 21 meters long and 7 meters wide was planned on top of the existing villa. This unique structure floats as an exhibition and work space on 6 plinths above the old building without placing any static load on it. The designing architect was Dieter Koller (af21,Zurich), the executive architect Kurt Kohler from Boudry, based on a vision of Hans Rudolf Jost.It is a prefabricated wooden structure that was assembled on site within two days

2022 transformation into a foundation

In 2022 it was converted into Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox, so that this unique location now is sustainably protected from any speculation.

2025 and beyond: Cube8

To mark the 10th anniversary of WhiteSpaceBlackBox the Fondation planned a unique enlargement, Cube8. A cube of 8 x 8 x 8 meters, only with one big window to the lake. This third stage was designed by the architects Pascal Kohler and Kurt Kohler (Atelier AC Architectes SA, Boudry), based on the precise specifications of Hans Rudolf Jost. It is expected to be completed in 2025/26.

Rendering of the project Ā«Cube8Ā» by Atelier AC Architectes SA for Fondation WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Ā© 2023