Not Vital

Not Vital


Not Vital, b. 1948 in Sent, Engadin (Switzerland) Lives and works in: Beijing (China), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Sent (Switzerland).

Not Vital's art is inspired by his nomadic lifestyle and experiences of travelling the globe, reflecting on habitations, nature and animals, and on the relationships between sculpture and architecture.

Exploring the boundaries between abstract and figurative forms, his work is marked by a particularly intimate relationship with materials, including plaster, steel, marble, ceramic and organic matter.

To better define his recent large-scale structures, in 2009 Vital coined the term 'SCARCH' – a conflation of sculpture and architecture. Driven by an impulse to build shelters that he traces back to childhood, he has constructed responsive habitats that are integrated into the communities in which they are built. Intimately connected with the rhythms of nature, his Houses to Watch the Sunset represent 'an invitation to dream' and reflect the extraordinary qualities of their surroundings.

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