Martin Gremse

Martin Gremse


Martin Gremse (1983 - 2020) was a German painter, who lived and worked in Goslar, Berne and Berlin. He first had an artistic education, then studied in medicine. He earned his living as a psychiatrist in Berne, but always felt drawn to art. It was rather challenging for Gremse to master this area of conflict: on the one hand the charming, cosmopolitical God in white, to which hearts flew just like that, and on the other, the serious artist struggling for recognition.

For his abstract, often multicolored works, Gremse used processes in the contradiction of material, color and surface. Various superimpositions emerging almost in randomness are removed again, opening new layers. These layered superimpositions and repetitions create poetic and enigmatic reflections.

In August 2016, Martin Gremse performed several artistic interventions at WhiteSpaceBlackBox. His goal was to let nature, in this case the water of Lake Neuchâtel, apply various layers of paint, stones and natural tissues to this series of work. Normally Gremse rubbed or scraped off colors on the canvas, here he tried the opposite: the waves of water shall create different layers of colors and floating materials. A unique intervention in the context of the exhibition «Water is the new Oil.» Curated by Carl Haenggi.

Gremse committed suicide in Berlin in 2020 in the age of 36. RIP.


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