Selina Baumann

Selina Baumann


Born 1988 in Wattwil, Switzerland.

Selina Baumann is an object artist, she works with plaster and ceramics. Her creative handling of materials expresses a basic theme of her work: every body is permeable. A precise demarcation between inside and outside, between the self and the world is difficult. Opening and immersion in oneself shape her sculptural body. Skeletal forms unfold organically and unite intimately with stunted torsos. Beyond Gravity, in other words.


2008-2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Zurich University of Fine Arts
2011-2014 Master's degree in Sculpture, Hamburg University of Fine Arts

2019 Riehen Art Prize
2018 Cristina Spoerri Prize
2015 Kiefer Hablitzel Prize
2014 Kiefer Hablitzel Prize
2013 Foundation Heinrich Danioth Prize

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